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Even after first session, my body was so energised - I couldn’t remember when I felt so good before. After the session, I was already able to see the progress. Aiste is very professional and gave useful advices on how should I keep my posture and where to pay more attention. I would highly recommend Amatsu Body Alignment.

Giedre B. Office Receptionist

​I can only say the best words about Aiste. She really has a gift and knows how to use it!
After the session with her, I felt so light and in harmony with my body and mind.
The whole experience was very pleasant and relaxing. Aiste is very professional, attentive and friendly. Writing this review makes me want to call and book another one!
I can’t recommend enough!!

My first Amatsu experience completely blew my mind, I tried many techniques before, but never experienced such a huge change after one session. It felt like Aiste didn't do much, lifted legs or arms, pressed a few points on my body. But during the session I could feel years of pain leaving my heart, I could feel my sexual energy starting to flow freely. And the most amazing feeling was my relaxed body, I didn't even want to get up from the massage table. Once I got up and went for a walk, I experienced my new body, my hips and thighs were weightless and walking was so easy and without any effort. Afterwards I had a few more sessions of Amatsu and it always amazes me how fast the body relaxes and changes appear, physical or emotional pain disappears in an instant. Thank you!

Rita G. Massage Therapist

Gabriele G. Tailor

I have never tried amatsu before and I was introduced to it by Aiste, I can definitely say that she is made for it. My result was amazing, it improved my sleep quality, it helped with my focus and also improved my posture. Aiste is definitely the right person to go to, she puts so much soul into it and the results are guaranteed! Thank you Aiste, I will definitely come back!

Diana N. Office worker

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