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Structural Basis Of Life

Biotensegrity is a concept that has gained attention in recent years, and it's based on the principle of tensional integrity. This principle states that structures that maintain their shape and function rely on a balance of tension and compression forces. Biotensegrity applies this principle to the body, emphasizing the importance of the tensional relationships between the tissues and structures within it.

In Amatsu therapy, the concept of biotensegrity is central to understanding how the body works and how it can be treated effectively. The body is not simply a collection of individual parts, but rather a complex system that relies on a delicate balance of forces to maintain its shape and function.

The concept of biotensegrity has its roots in the work of Buckminster Fuller, a renowned architect and inventor. He developed the idea of tensegrity structures, which are composed of rigid components that are held together by tensioned cables. The resulting structure is extremely strong and stable, despite the fact that it has no rigid connections.

Biotensegrity applies this same principle to the body, which is composed of bones, muscles, and connective tissues - bones acting as compressive elements and the soft tissues as tension elements.

Those who have tried Amatsu know that their body was positively affected by working on the structures that didnt necessarily stroke as being problematic and Biotensegrity is a concept that helps to explain why that is the case.

Biotensegrity is a powerful concept that has revolutionized our understanding of how the body works. By emphasizing the importance of tensional relationships between the structures within the body, Amatsu therapists can promote healing and balance in their clients through gentle manipulations and movements. Whether you're experiencing pain or simply looking to improve your overall health and well-being, biotensegrity-based therapy is an effective and natural approach to achieving your goals.

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