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5 Benefits of Amatsu Therapy

Ready to learn more about Amatsu therapy? Join the club! People across Ireland are signing up for Amatsu sessions to help them live healthier and happier lives. With an aim towards restoring the body to its natural state of well-being, Amatsu therapy takes a hands-on approach to healing. Using a light touch and precision of the body's soft tissues including fascia, ligaments and muscles the technique helps realign and re-balance the various systems of the human body. Here are five benefits that make Amatsu therapy in Dublin an increasingly popular option in Ireland. 1: Resolving Long-Standing Health Issues The human body is an interconnected structure that includes organs, glands, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. An overworked arm muscle, a twisted ankle, even a stubbed toe — the whole body reacts when one part is injured. Worse yet, trauma experienced in one part of the body can show up later in another location as the body goes through the adaptation processes. As a result body tightens, movement becomes restricted and the centre of gravity changes to lower the level of pain. This reaction opens the door to new, less obvious injuries that can multiply in the future. By realigning the body, Amatsu therapy helps alleviate the myriad of symptoms that can arise when the cause of the problem remains unresolved. It also makes it easier to get to the root of the problem and restore the body to its natural condition of healthy vitality. 2: Improved Pain Management A modern therapy with an ancient history, Amatsu techniques have long helped identify and resolve underlying issues that can cause discomfort or pain. Because the body reacts to pain with tightness, strain or rigidity, Amatsu techniques that increase the freedom of movement often achieve favourable results. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, a gentle touch to the restricted area of the fascia can release the tension, enabling the body's connective tissue to glide freely. Amatsu therapy also addresses injuries not incurred by accident or through physical activity. People with chronic health conditions ranging from arthritis to sciatica and scoliosis can also find relief from pain. Whether aching from discomfort post-surgery or suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Amatsu can help to ease or eliminate the pain. 3: Relief from Fatigue Is exhaustion normal? For too many people in Dublin, chronic fatigue is a way of life. It's all too easy to attribute that feeling of being tired or depressed all the time to the demands of the modern world. Opinions can quickly change after a few sessions of Amatsu therapy. By effectively aligning the body's tissues, dysfunctional tension patterns go away and this lightens the load to the nervous system, lessening feelings of lethargy and lassitude. Here's a sample of how the ancient therapeutic technique can help people to experience a new sense of energy, enthusiasm and vitality. • Improved blood circulation • Strengthened immune system • Removed toxins from the body • Recharged nervous system • Alleviated tired muscles 4: Better Posture, Balance and Coordination Good posture — it's as essential to good health as regular exercise and a nutritious diet, and it's just as challenging to maintain. What makes it so difficult to stand in a properly aligned position? The answer lies in the evolution of humankind. Simply put, people spend less time performing arduous physical activities and more time at leisure. Unfortunately, lack of movement and improper move,ent can cause more damage to the body than overexertion. How is that possible? Like most living things, humans thrive on movement. Without proper movement, muscles will atrophy, bones will become thinner, cardiovascular system weakens from underuse and neglect. From cramps, knots and spasms to pinched nerves and stiff joints, all the tissues and structures within the body also suffer from inactivity. Balance and coordination fall by the wayside. Happily, Amatsu therapy and following the instructions can help restore the body to its natural condition. 5: Alleviation from Stress and Anxiety Based on the belief that all the body's systems are interrelated, Amatsu therapy also benefits the heart and the mind. The techniques may address emotional and mental problems by helping releasing trauma from the body. How does that work? Think about what happens to the body during a heated argument. Temperatures rise. Teeth clench. Nervous systems go haywire. Like the muscle memory achieved after repeated workouts, the body "remembers" these physical reactions. Left unaddressed, they become incorporated into the body as built-in stressors. Amatsu sessions help release the tension that allows past physical, mental and emotional injuries to control the body's well-being. This time-proven technique seeks to return the body to its natural state: a place that is free of pain and full of health and vigour. Whether you're searching for ways to boost energy, reduce stress or ease chronic pain conditions, Amatsu Body Alignment in Dublin offers a natural whole-body approach to healthcare. By addressing the root causes of pain, stress and tension, Amatsu lets you and your loved ones enjoy a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

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