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For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep interest in an alternative ways of healing. The so seemed 'unexplainable' healing stories had always been the most intriguing stories that some people would write off as 'a coincidence'.

The story of my healing was not a coincidene.

Originally from Lithuania, I left the country in 2013 to live in Ireland, the UK, and New Zealand to finally get back to Ireland, where I am based now.

During my time in New Zealand, where I heavily practiced Yoga, I experienced a couple of big traumas that changed my body. Pains and aches got worse as time went by. By the time I came back to Ireland, doctors had suspected I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I began looking for ways to heal myself naturally because having never-ending potent anti-inflammatory drugs was simply not acceptable.

In late 2017 I found Amatsu, and with the help of this therapy I instantly got off the medications and pain - I finally felt like I was free again. My physical and emotional health was improved dramatically and there was not a month since then that I would skip an Amatsu treatment. When you know how well your body is designed to feel, anything less becomes unacceptable.


I have been on the Amatsu journey as a student since early 2019 and would never look back. I am certified in Anma and Seitai levels. Also, I am an active member of ATI (Amatsu Therapy International).

I am also working as a Teachers Assistant at the Institute of Amatsu.

I have a certification in Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha / Ashtanga (200YTT)

Helping people feel better in their bodies and seeing their awareness increase in how they use their body is deeply joyful.

Human body is the most sophisticated machinery on the planet. I am very proud of practicing such an ancient therapy as Amatsu - the world needs it now more than ever before.


Aiste Garjone

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